arranged according to feng shui office

The good feng shui furniture for office

The office decorated with feng shui items such as antique pearl , bats , painting word … meaning bring prosperity , auspicious . 1 . Long bank Long bank is the name of the silver coins circulated late Qing Dynasty . On the currency side carved dragon . To generate financial prosperity for office ,

Mediation shop at T-junctions year like?

In fact the survey shows , this is not beautiful location on feng shui , eat even more difficult . In feng shui perspective , expert guidance to overcome this problem . Ngoc Anh Hung ( HCM ) asked his agency shop is located at the intersection of major roads , has limited trade .

The taboo desk set

If the reservation to work in good position can bring the boss of luck in the management and operating company . – Avoid placing the desk facing the door Do not sit by the door turned out feng shui for that door is where the gas load also loaded murderous . Sitting behind his back

Use Feng Shui to preserve the company’s assets

Keeping property is always very important issue in every company . Do not keep it as well as ” white rock car Sand Sea ” . Feng shui tips for the No. 1 business more assured in preserving and protecting assets . Option 1 : You should put 1 bell in the door zone containing

Note the angle of feng shui to work at home

Angle of working at home is also a very important part . Angle worked upon feng shui layout not only add beauty to the space that will work effectively . Organizations working angle Rooms in the present work in terms of feng shui is the space between letters fusion oriental style room ( where reading,

Feng shui put the computer to advance in job

A computer is used and reasonable layout will create more favorable work . There is no doubt in saying that people are increasingly dependent on computers , rare modern family does not own a desktop or laptop . To be effective in their work as well as in business , you should perform the following

Rearrange your desk after failure

When that failed , weak , and incapable – you will feel the energy and enthusiasm greatly reduced . Almost everyone who has ever experienced periods like this . This is the expression we are tired or quintessence of gas is exhausted . Almost feeling like this is caused by the direct work space .