feng shui for housing

Improve desk luck, financial development

Question: So , how to change the feng shui can not move it ? Also, when working in the same room , there was ” absorbing ” bad feng shui impacts from other desks ? Reply to : The answer to your second question is very simple. Well , everything around you in the office

Building aquariums and rockery for people born in 1976

Question: I was born in 1976 , his wife was born in 1985, intends to build a house midyear . However, according to some people , my wife and I can not build aquarium or indoor rockery designed for engraving with par . Ask this true? Nguyen Thuan Hoa ( Nghe An ) Reply to

To build a house wife is not groundbreaking?

Question: My husband was born in Yi Ty same , the same destiny Mars , we do also eat well , building a new computer this year , but I should have known when the Martians fell , the new family is harmonious peace . Breakfast and my wife said that he considered the crappy