Tea table layout according to feng shui living room

Tea table and sofa becomes the center point in the living room space . This is not only where the family gather , gather , but also space to host welcomes guests to play . Therefore, feng shui for this area is very much interested .
20130906074754120 Tea table layout according to feng shui living room

According to feng shui principles , the sofa is a symbol of the owner , tea table represents the distinguished guests . Therefore, when designing the layout of the living room sofa to ensure higher tea table , meaning homeowners warmly welcome guests and visitors to play not overwhelm homeowners .

Another view of feng shui also said that the symbol of the cliff sofa , tea table significance of the river . So , want to mountains and rivers Statistics harmony must always together, inseparable and ” mountain ” ( Sofa ) to be against the wall , steady , higher river ( tea table ) . Height is the most affordable high tea table should not exceed the knee and guest host while sitting on the sofa .

20130906074754479 Tea table layout according to feng shui living room
Normally , when arranged in the living room , tea table is usually between 2 Statistics in the sofa , in front of a sofa or elongated , L-shaped sofa … Absolutely not recommended to have sofa without tea table , or tea table individually in a corner without accompanying chairs .

About how to choose tea table , wooden tea table if , should choose square, rectangular shapes because it belongs to practice carpentry . If metal tea table , round tables should choose the shape of the needle out . Every table should have flat , absolutely should not choose or uneven slope , channel access table .
20130906074754651 Tea table layout according to feng shui living room

When choosing colors for tea table and sofa , ensure harmonious factors and overall fit with the house in general and in particular the living room . In addition, you can also use tablecloths to decorate or change the sofa leather for when you want to refresh the living room space
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