The best age for the home ground for 2014 ?

I was born in 1963 to 2014 to build a house to stay . But as far as I know , the old quarter of next year Mao was committed to Tai Tam term . So I had to borrow another person’s age to help is not groundbreaking .

Q: What age is good for the home ground for 2014. Ask experts for advice?

Phung Ha ( Quang Ninh )

file.362691 The best age for the home ground for 2014 ?

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Feng shui expert Cuong Pham , Xuan Housing Corporation said, according to the principle of building houses look old , homeowners should avoid all three major term Tai Tam , Hong Screws , Kim Lau . The taboo will avoid doing the things that unfortunately happens in the construction process . However, if the owner does not get old, absolutely can borrow from the old age to help break ground . It is understood that lend the borrower ‘s age fortunate to neutralize their bad luck .

As for the age of the Rabbit 1963 to 2014 Quarter Horse Armor will commit Tai Tam term should need to borrow old . The old loan should be male and over age best host . Some old can borrow is 1957 , 1956 , 1954 , 1948 …

In 2014, the fine old building could be groundbreaking : 1993 , 1990 , 1984 , 1981 , 1972 , 1966 , 1957 , 1956 , 1954 , 1948 , 1945 …
( According to Knowledge )

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