The ” gold ” in feng shui when hunting condominium

Unlike when buying a home , when choosing to buy apartment you can not build according to their own needs , so choose the best apartment according to feng shui to attract more life energy .

Thoroughly studied tips below to fully understand the real reason behind each and an offer to purchase the apartment like that :

Location of buildings and energy

In addition, many people also choose from the cocoon of buildings or apartments but this fact unimportant according to feng shui .

Building’s energy affects the energy in that apartment . Since you have no control over the entrance of the building should choose wisely . Building error on clean, well lit , located in a safe place , friendly is always the wisest choice .

20140228075102756 The  gold  in feng shui when hunting condominium

For residential buildings , the main entrance is a large , one covering . Doors will contribute to a better whole house picked up a lot of sand fresh air . Many people wonder if the door is the main door of the apartment or the building’s door . The answer is the apartment door .

Location and number of floors of apartments

If possible , you should choose a high floor apartment in a bit . The reason is clear , it is as high up as the subject of your apartment less pressure , feng shui energies and softer . High rise apartments are always welcome more light and have better visibility , air circulation inside the house is better .

Ideally, you should avoid the apartments directly opposite the elevator doors or stairs . Please select an apartment located outside the region, ” busy ” , many people travel to ensure a quiet , private life . Also, though the door of the apartment opposite direction pretty lucky or not, you also need to worry about too .

20140228075103748 The  gold  in feng shui when hunting condominium

The layout and flow of energy apartments

You can adjust the flow by Statistics indoor furniture and decorative accessories using feng shui .

Check the layout , flow of energy within an apartment is a very important job . Because later on, if you want to change the original layout for better feng shui can be very expensive or simply not possible . Make sure the gas flow smoothly , smoother . It is noted in bathrooms and kitchens particularly because it is often the layout space available was very difficult to change the apartment .

The apartment is open to view from kitchen to see money being wasted on the concept : ” Opening subjects tectonics , multi- hao money ” . Meet the apartments as such, can be used to create bar shielding privacy .
( According to Eva )

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