The note on the bathroom feng shui energy spill

Interested to feng shui your bathroom will help renewable energy , wellness holistically …

The rhythm of modern life that we have little time to relax . And the bathroom is one of the rare place that can help you temporarily leave the world around him to ” do for us alone .”

That is why you should decorate the bathroom so not only here to wash the body but also the place to enjoy refreshing moments every morning or relax the mind, relieve feelings after a busy day busy . In view of the , you can review and perform the following to turn your bathroom into a place of peace , helps restore energy efficient .

20131219042450536 The note on the bathroom feng shui energy spill
20131219042458102 The note on the bathroom feng shui energy spill
20131219042502938 The note on the bathroom feng shui energy spill


According to feng shui , color decorating bathrooms has greatly influenced our feelings . This room has energy which represents water : sink , shower , bathtub and toilet . The color of Jupiter act as the soothing shades of blue, green, mutual support act Cards will create a sense of balance, calm . The therapist also believe that the blue help us breathe deep , easy to go to sleep and lower blood pressure . Meanwhile , the green helps to relax and visual nervous stability .

Herbal incense

The scent is very sexy and also encourage positive flow of air into the bathroom . Small pots containing herbs such as lavender, geranium , orange blossom alleviate the anxiety, depression . Lemon , rose, chamomile helps more relaxed mind . Bathtubs are very ideal place for you to add to the oil , as well as self- massage . Relaxing aroma , melodious music mingled in warm water will create positive energy in yourself .


20131219042511081 The note on the bathroom feng shui energy spill

Feng shui energy that we get from the air than the value of food and drinking water . Even in the bathroom – where you want to spend less time for the mind to relax , breathe the fresh air in the right way and help maintain good health . Please note that the window adjustment system for the construction of wind flow bathroom , or run the exhaust fan , which helps prevent negative energy and mildew .


20131219042516182 The note on the bathroom feng shui energy spill

Candles symbolize the Fire element , complementary elements ” water ” was in the bathroom. At the same time , the image and romantic candle also gives you more comfort while soaking in the tub . Along with candles , take trees to the bathroom to balance elements ” water ” and create a poetic landscape . Also, you should place the crystal rose quartz stone to eliminate negative energy , enhance peaceful atmosphere .

looking glass

Note that the bathroom mirror should be large enough , allows you to see your entire face . It can be placed mirrors to expand the space feeling but should avoid putting two mirrors facing each other , not prone to hallucinations and feelings of insecurity good .

Logical organization

Keep your bathroom really neat , clean , do not you lose you also meant to encourage full good feng shui element to the room. Always maintain the equipment works well and immediately repair any leaking faucets do . Leakage is the loss of water for your prosperity , leading to financial difficulties later.

In modern homes , bathrooms and bedrooms are often closely connected , even open spaces interconnected . The bathrooms are interested in decorating your niche will help re- energize the body , maintain good health in a comprehensive way to enjoy life .
( According Xzone )

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