The offerings should he , when he Apples ?

The apples he offered him the incense at the altar and burn incense in the kitchen ? So cozy morning , afternoon or evening ? Let the carp in the kitchen or outdoors ? Nguyen Thanh Ha ( Thanh Cong , Hanoi )

file.357526 The offerings should he , when he Apples ?

According to feng shui experts Cuong Pham , in his The Apples worshiping him , if you have the original creation troops ( usually located near the kitchen ) , then burn incense at the altar . Without the altar Apples own troops to burn incense on the altar of the ancestors or gods should not worship in the kitchen because throughout history , has always been considered the altar antenna to communicate between the two worlds of yin and yang , between the earthly and the divine .

Apples sacrifices he needs to be conducted before he flew Apple reports that the Creator of the heavens , that is, before 12 noon on 23 December . So , depending on the time of each offering can he Apples to lunch, dinner or breakfast December 22 December 23 .

Carp are considered military mascot brought apples to the sky , so when should worship carp near the worship area . If you have placed the altar in the kitchen in the kitchen , have not had it placed near the altar of the god .
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