The taboo desk set

If the reservation to work in good position can bring the boss of luck in the management and operating company .
– Avoid placing the desk facing the door

Do not sit by the door turned out feng shui for that door is where the gas load also loaded murderous . Sitting behind his back , the back door can not ” prop ” , often seen as spine chilling murderous .

From external noise transmission into the spine will also stimulate the brain do not yen , the leader in this location are always in a state of stress, the mind will Disorders , easy to make mistakes when making decisions .

– Avoid sitting by the door

20130712012909103  The taboo desk set
So put the desk on the right doors , desk with the door slightly away from each other and a gap . If you close the doors too , would be murderous harassment , will reduce the performance leader , not only that , fengshui that will make you sick.

– Avoid following window seat

If whether you work in this way , people will stop sitting way of wind and light , in the words of is blocking the flow of gas , the gas turns murderous , working people sitting posture this , before then also failed .

– Avoid close window had passed

20130712012909197  The taboo desk setThe window is also where the load of air and gas monitoring . If was near the road , usually loaded into the room go footsteps , laughter , voices … they are killing in the words of feng shui , it is detrimental to the operation of the business and the people working there . If for any reason, whether you have worked here , have blinds closed , but the best prevention is to work elsewhere .

– Avoid Statistics desk in the middle of the room , as far back walls , no ” prop ” , the leader easily isolated .
( According Xzone )

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