These items should abstain in the bridal chamber

The following 8 items are considered a symbol of negative energy , directly influence the emotions and lives of the spouses if placed in the bridal chamber .

Since long , the bridal chamber is always meant the beginning of the marriage happy couple . So how to decorate this room there are many things to note . Some traditional rules of Feng Shui in the bridal room decoration can avoid unpleasant things happen to married life of the couple.

Among all furniture for living room decorating wedding and then have the following 8 items are considered a symbol of negative energy , directly influence the emotional lives of the couple and whether it is put in place no matter what .

1 . Wine and associated items

phong tan%20hon 1 These items should abstain in the bridal chamber

For newly married couples , the wine and the accompanying materials used as shelves , glass … is located in the bridal chamber will produce negative energy . According to theory , symbolizing wine wine in general and women … in the meantime, the word ” glass ” and ” prolonged grief ” in Chinese is a homonym . Signs indicating the strong influence of the wife ‘s feelings and ease the sadness arises , prolonged suffering .

2 . The plants have thorns

phong tan%20hon 3 These items should abstain in the bridal chamber

If you want to decorate roses in the bridal chamber , so choose the best roses without thorns .

The prickly plants mainly roses, cactus … usually decorated in the bridal chamber . However, according to Feng Shui , the connotations thorns on his head, tit for tat . This makes it easy for couples hurt each other ( mild ) , no tolerance, patience and a lot of other disadvantages related to emotions .

3 . Items damaged

A lot of people like to garnish a recycled craft in their bridal chamber , this is quite common . But , in fact , we should not display the items broken , not perfection . These crafts from recycled junk , damaged will create negative feng shui energy , capable of happiness shattered marriage , leaving the loss and emotional breakdown .

4 . antiques

In the wedding day , family members and friends can donate gifts as valuable antiques … The newly married couple will usually put them in their bridal chamber ( laid out or can not ) … but not know that antiques emit negative energy sound huge imbalance negative energy – positive of the room . This leads to the negative impact to health , causing discord in marriage and life .

5 . Items related to the old

The older that we are referring to may be the ex-lover , ex-wife or ex-husband . If you put the items related to these people in the bridal chamber will inadvertently create barriers , overcome even difficult and emotional separation of husband and wife.

6 . Decorative Dolls

Many feng shui surveys have shown that many young couples , newlyweds like to decorate their wedding room with dolls , porcelain dolls object … In fact, the cute doll easily cause adversely affect the feelings of the couple , the hurt, the incitement of conflict between third party .

phong tan%20hon 2 These items should abstain in the bridal chamber

7 . The weapon , tool angles , sharp

The weapon , tool angles , sharp embodies aggression , easily hurt and pain for yourself . When placed in the bridal chamber , they also mean hatred , nagging each other . So , never leave items on the wedding appeared in your room to ensure quiet , cheerful and happy marriage life .

8 . Pictures of the others

When you are single , many people prefer to picture the stars , their idols in the bedroom . But if you do so with the bridal chamber will lead to stress , disadvantage in the conjugal relationship , the relationship between spouses and other family members . Therefore, the selection of image galleries located in the bridal chamber need to be very careful .
( According to Eva )

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