To attract the best room air , gas assets

Living room is a place of convergence and vitality decisions homeowners find you support or not , should be a quiet , stable , not to the living room into the way too many people pass by , turn their harassment .

Comments by visitors to the house through the main living room . A beautiful living room not only leave a good impression for visitors , useful for work and relationships , but also homeowners feel proud , comfortable , loved his home more . Thus , the living room is both the owner and the architect favor .

Typically , the living room is designed in half before the 1st floor house , for easy welcomes . Spacious living room space than other rooms . Living room furniture are more focused investment … Overall, this is consistent with the requirements of the science of feng shui .

Living room right next to the main door will receive ” gas ” ( energy ) good from the front door . Because the front door is where the air intake for the entire house , always be required to put in the best position , there is a good direction to receive the gas . Gates direction well here is usually determined by face monsters homeowners, who face East Quartet ( Mosaic , Glass , Zhen , Xun ) is the 4th best direction : East , Southeast , South and North ; 4 on the remaining 4 directions good quarter of the west face ( Qian , Kun , Doi , Doai ) . Depending on the direction of good par monster that is called Born Gas , Electric Youth , the good faith or Easter . For example par with the Easter Decoupage is the north , the south is crazy young , good faith towards the East , the Southeast is Born gas remaining 4 bad directions are: North West ( Luc police ) , Southwest ( suicide ) , Northeast ( five demons ) , West ( harms ) .

Where the direction of the string ( each direction including above 3 offers , each offer has its own nature good and bad ) , it is necessary to find ways of solution as bagua mirror hanging to change airflow direction chosen altar , towards the kitchen accordance with the direction of the door , side door or open window . For example , the direction of rotation committed suicide , the medical kitchen toward God , because God is Great care institutions face ; Five devil is in direction of the rotation toward gas stove ( gas Born Christmas Five demons ) ; towards the mainland close range , the kitchen swivel toward young Dien ( Dien Luc young police cover ) . Or your table in the living room in a good direction ; objects using color and life support for homeowners face , and auspicious meaning ; put feng shui gas supplies have increased the effect of wealth , development career , reduce bad gas line …

Living room immediately adjacent to the main gate also receives much natural light . However, the living room should not be too bright , would be detrimental to men. ” Morning ” here include sunlight , and light colored walls , dark furniture . Bright colors should not exceed 3/4 in room scene . Conversely , if dark or light color dark wall will affect sanity , make people slow response , lacking the will to strive . Dark colors should not exceed 1/2 in a room scene .

Color , color in the living room to suit the taste and fuck par landlord ( see Real Estate Investment No. 04 dated 01.28.2013 ) , in that the ceiling should be white or pale in comparison with the wall color , avoid ” top-heavy , light feet ” , no longer in favor . Note , the color should not monotonous , because it makes people lack positive , but too much color can cause disorders of the human spirit . Only decorative colors from 2 to 3 types , the other colors if there is only room dotted to more lively or objects that are outstanding .

Color and light in the living room to create a cozy atmosphere , closeness , which should be mounted ceiling lights , wall or ceiling to reverse sneezing is not dazzling . The light of the living room so that the lamps bring elegance as crystal chandeliers .

Return the position of the living room , if located behind the bedroom or kitchen will leave bad impression for visitors to go through the same privacy and the feeling behind the door . According to feng shui , the room behind the disadvantage of the ” stealth air -launched ” in there to make the downward transport , difficult career achievements , campaign finance losses and privacy of home owners are disclosed.
20130910043456481 To attract the best room air , gas assets
Living room is a place of convergence and vitality decisions homeowners find you support or not , should be a quiet , stable , not to the living room into the way too many people pass by , turn their harassment .

Area , spacious living room would be beneficial to the circulation , gather a lot of vitality . This is especially good when the living room handle more functions , such as living room of the family . Small living room , especially when low ceiling would not bring comfort to homeowners as well as home visitors , making it difficult to establish relationships , thereby affecting the career and financial operation .

The living room is arranged logically , friendly , cozy feeling , the feng shui to attract more guests and friends to the house , thereby extending and maintaining relationships . Visitors to the house can also mean ” ‘s gas ” , ” gas resources ” to the house.

( According ĐTCK )

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