Building aquariums and rockery for people born in 1976

Question: I was born in 1976 , his wife was born in 1985, intends to build a house midyear . However, according to some people , my wife and I can not build aquarium or indoor rockery designed for engraving with par . Ask this true? Nguyen Thuan Hoa ( Nghe An )

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file.368483 Building aquariums and rockery for people born in 1976

According to feng shui experts Cuong Pham , Xuan Housing Corporation , the husband was born in 1976 , Year of the Dragon par Turkish news age , born in 1985 while his wife , Kim Yi Ox par . So , the young designer brought out the Earth and Marine Aquarium carry out completely carved with the face of both spouses . Moreover, is not entirely too rigid in prescribing any age can be placed aquarium or rockery . Feng Shui is important to set the correct azimuth and not cause bad interactions .

For example, the main tank is located between the center or opposite cookers are great horsemen . So this creates conflict between Turkey and Mercury , Mercury and Mars . Put rockery should avoid putting on the mountain top , which is located on the top floor of the small house of the feel good not suppressed . Where the air as the poor in corners , the front of the mountain town nor the advantage of feng shui .
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