Use Feng Shui to preserve the company’s assets

Keeping property is always very important issue in every company . Do not keep it as well as ” white rock car Sand Sea ” . Feng shui tips for the No. 1 business more assured in preserving and protecting assets .

file.296683 Use Feng Shui to preserve the companys assets

Option 1 : You should put 1 bell in the door zone containing money to the ring when open . The bell also makes bad guys dismay , reduced morale .

Method 2 : Place the red meter and 1 in 6 children aquarium black in the company . This is the tip of the Chinese geography teacher or used . Its power is mysterious , that also effectively bring business owners by surprise.

Method 3 : Place 1 vase that sat treasurer who is also working tricks to help companies finance inventory and anti-theft apparently very good . The word ” average ” symbolizes peace , it is very effective in ensuring financial security , wealth for the company . So to wrap red ribbon around the vase and hang bamboo flutes force 1 the red ribbon on the vase to increase efficiency .

The old notion flute as well as 1 sword to protect profit landlord or 1 airways up to help the business thrived . Note the flute to hang upward like the last stroke of the signature on the right direction to take effect .
( According to the employee )

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