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Q: Let me ask directions with bed my husband and I in any direction , and my son again . Please feng shui expert advice to help me . I sincerely thank you !

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Homeowners born in 1972 , in Lunar Rat , par Tang woodwork , mosaic scout , East of blame .

According to the three major scouting Ocean , ceramic door, towards the kitchen , and bedroom need more attention :

The main door of your house in the east ( including Thin direction , consuming , Refugee ) from 112.6 degrees to 157.5 degrees .

Select a store :

Under the scheme , the Southeast with your scout Mosaic Revitalising variables .

Born gas : Wood Properties is tourism – very good year , bringing vitality and power gains in home birth . In the East , the scouts blame ( for the direction ) , making up a prosperous , because Kim Wood with restraint . While performing ongoing Bending Wood is better than impressed by Ly Thuy is a prime location , also deplete the interior Doai cosmos is good at . ( Ordinary tourists – Air billion annual meeting provides the most good ongoing , having being offer relatively good level is attained second position , having the restraint provided good interior tertiary position ) . This is one good way to scout most of your mosaic .

Choose kitchen :

Coordinates hung on the principle direction of sand , you should choose the location of the kitchen in the Southwest ( suicide ) or Northeast ( five demons ) to neutralize the negative direction and the direction toward the kitchen look good .

Choose kitchen toward the East

Kitchen Got ( the East ) is positive Except Wood (except the kitchen ) for Sun’s ( SE ) ​​rate is harmony and electric stove Mosaic same year for all students and provide Thien Y variables , the vitality of the scouts , into the 3 well , great sand , great benefits , also known chef Chan ( the East ) is now deducted from East First good network .

Select the master bedroom :

On the interior , 1 bedroom layout will have to study more integrated categories , in this article only briefly discuss the main elements of the bedrooms, the main direction of the bedroom door , Bed direction ( from top to foot ) … also must comply . Par inconsistent coordination means those components of the above should also orientation of the verb .

Bedroom door direction , towards the bed , colors … going to blame the direction of the East : East , Southeast , South , North , particularly towards the bed should then be selected Recovery sleep ( north ) .

Son born in 2003 , all property belonging to the Western Kien blame , so follow directions will blame the West : that should choose the bedroom, the bedroom door , the direction of West Bed blame (other than all Mosaic ) .

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