Wedding room layout according to feng shui

Chamber ‘s wedding last couple usually pay attention to the layout according to feng shui wish everything goes well and happy married life .

What to do

Color scheme of the interior decorations are not just aesthetic reach , bring out the romantic , gentle , charming , but also to ensure the correct . By this criterion , the color pink is priority number one for couples . By pink symbolizes sweetness , mellow .

Some people like to use red aura passionate and sensual but feng shui advises not to use this color to decorate the room for red wedding capital of warm tones , easily lead to anxiety . Long days will make neurasthenia born discord , quarrel .

Going along with the standard color set is the first layout must fit around the space , compatible with the color of the walls of the scene . Location bridal chamber is the best place where there is enough light , the light is too dark to make your child feel uncomfortable, afflictions . The atmosphere of the room to open our wedding , to avoid the smell of paint , the smell of furniture , new wall air smells stuffy .

A bed is designed in accordance with the best . ” The legend element ” wrote , east headboard spring , summer south , west bed early autumn , early winter bed north .

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And what to avoid

Do not choose the room ” during ” make the bridal chamber . According to feng shui, modern , wedding rooms that have too many glass walls are prone female infidelity . And for those who are eager to get married or not prone to emotional stories . No wedding should do the opposite door near the poles , as such , the newlyweds will or conflict .

If the bridal chamber using wallpaper to decorate , you should avoid this kind of pointy -shaped pattern of disturbing because the shape of the eye will make the lovebirds do not sleep deep , dreamless easy . In the wedding room , the bed should not be placed amplifiers to avoid controversy about the couple . Headboard not so straight to the television , avoid neurasthenia . Position the bed to avoid the White Tiger , is not likely to occur couple discord . Two bedside toward the door WC can not , if not will make health erratically .

Beds were not in the ground side window , the sun is too intense , insecure wife . The two sides are not close to bed early doors , causing anxiety , headaches . The ceiling is not flashy or ceiling decorated with bizarre , to form trigrams , heavenly hammock is local , immediate medical cause .

Do not use the furniture or decorations have made ​​a dark room becomes dark . So choose pastel or neutral colors to make the room brighter, feeling , relaxed , gentle , warm .

The overall layout of the room to agree on wedding colors , harmony of style , showing the beauty of unity , just as lively wedding hall , has created a passionate space for newly married couples .
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